Nnamdi Kanu Gives Atiku Advice on How to Reclaim His Stolen Mandate

The supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has given Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) an advice on how to reclaim his allegedly stolen mandate.

Following  the outcome of the February 23 2019 presidential elections, Atiku Abubakar had disagreed with the results of the election. He took to an election tribunal to petition the All Progressives Peoples Party (APC) and the Independent National Electoral Commission, accusing them both of rigging the elections and stealing his mandate.

Meanwhile, the country has been awash with the twist of events from the proceedings at the election tribunal. The APC had responded to Atiku’s accusation of rigging the election by stating that Atiku is not a Nigerian but a Cameroonian and therefore unqualified to contest for elections in Nigeria.

As events take a new turn, the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu has openly advised Atiku to claim his mandate back as he was more Nigerian than the allegedly fake president of Nigeria.

According to the Biafran warlord:

Out of the two contestants, one is a Nigerian by choice not birth but the other is neither a Nigeria by birth nor by choice.

Read his full statement below:

I will offer free legal advice to Atiku live on air in the hope that they will use it because it is obvious Atiku won the election and APC are deploying all instruments of coercion at the disposal of the Nigerian state to deny him his mandate. Between Atiku and the man occupying Aso Rock, only Atiku is a Nigerian, the other is Sudanese.

“Buhari died in 2017 and should not be contesting any election in 2019. There was a gentleman’s agreement amongst Fulani cabals of which Atiku is privy to, that the death of Buhari should not be made public lest IPOB take full advantage of it to break Biafra away from Nigeria.

Atiku played along believing that Jubril and APC won’t put up much resistance when it comes to presidential elections. He was wrong. The cabals have now refused to give up power. Jubril is their poster boy.

He continued:

APC is counting on the fact that Atiku won’t fight dirty in public because that means authenticating the claims of IPOB and confirming what world leaders already know, that Buhari is dead. The only people who have refused to believe it are Nigerians.

The only option left for Atiku is to remind the tribunal that he is an authentic Nigerian citizen whereas Jubril is not. No part of Sudan ever joined Nigeria as a result of referendum, at least not yet. Atiku should demand for a DNA test result to ascertain if Jubril is Buhari or not.

Out of the two contestants, one is a Nigerian by choice not birth but the other is neither a Nigeria by birth nor by choice.


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