Nnamdi Kanu Will Return To Nigeria Only If… — Emmanuel Kanu

— The younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu, Emmanuel Kanu has said that his brother is ready to return to Nigeria to defend himself in court as long as the Federal Government could guarantee his safety. 

— He also mentioned that the news involving his brother collecting huge amounts of money from Atiku Abubakar is a lie from the pit of hell. 

Prince Emmanuel Kanu, younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has said that Nnamdi Kanu is ready to come back to Nigeria to defend himself in court as long as the Federal Government could guarantee his safety upon his return.

In 2017, the Federal Government has arraigned for Nnamdi Kanu to appear before a Federal High Court in Abuja where he was charged with treason based on his alleged role in agitating for the state of Biafra.

A week to the trial, Justice Binta Nyako, who is handling the case,decided to withdraw the bail granted Kanu, as well as issuing a warrant for his arrest and threatened to try him in absentia if Kanu persistently failed to appear in court.

In a statement released by Emma Kanu, he said: “Nnamdi Kanu will definitely come back to Nigeria to defend himself if he wants to do so, if the need arises, he will come here. He has committed no crime known to law; everybody knows that he left the country as a result of military evasion of his house and his life was threatened, if the Nigerian government could guarantee his safety, there is no reason he should not come back.

“Justice Binta Nyako made a legal error when she said she will try the leader of IPOB in absentia. How can she give Nnamdi bench warrant and also ordered for his immediate arrest when the case has been removed from her court, when you have no jurisdiction over the case?

“I don’t know if she is well informed on how to interpret the law, the case is no longer within her jurisdiction, it’s now in Appeal Court, so, what power does she have legally to grant bench warrant and also order for his immediate arrest?

“Are you arresting him, is he a criminal? What crime has he committed? Is there anywhere written in the constitution of this country that when you chair or champion self-determination that it is against the land, there is no place, so, sometimes, the courts will do judicial errors all the time and they keep making it.”

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Emmanuel Kanu is of the view that those in power were only using the law to their own interests. And not as they should be applying it.

“What they do is to apply the law the way it suits them, but as far as we are concerned, from what we know about the constitution, they don’t apply the law reasonably well”.

Reacting to the allegation that the IPOB leader collected huge sums of money from Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party , PDP, in the 2019 election, so that Kanu could support his campaign, Emmanuel said it was a lie from the pit of hell.

He mentioned that the phoney news was started by a man called Prophet Anthony Nwoko, who is from Olokoro in Umuahia South Local Government of Abia state.

He emphasized that the said Prophet Nwoko started speaking against Nnamdi when he stopped giving him money.

In his words: “The reason Prophet Nwoko embarked on this campaign of calumny against my brother was because Nnamdi Kanu stopped giving him financial assistance. When he was getting money from Nnamdi Kanu, he (Prophet Nwoko) said that Biafra could only come through Nnamdi Kanu. But when my brother found out that the man has derailed, he stopped assisting him.

“The allegation by Prophet Nwoko is very laughable, it was said out of frustration, he wants to be recognized by all means and he believes if he says anything against the IPOB leader, it will make him famous, that’s the reason behind that, nothing more.

“If he says that the IPOB leader collected money from PDP or Atiku, he should provide the evidence or go back to his village, Olokoro and get married. People should ask him why he ran away from his hometown.

“He has been living on some people, including my brother and when by brother discovered he derailed, he stopped giving him money. Prohet Nwoko is the person who is collecting money from politicians and turning around to blackmail by brother. The truth remains that he is looking for cheap relevance which nobody is going to give him”, he said.

Alos speaking on the lifting of the ban for IPOB members to participate in the 2019 election at the last minute, he said that “the IPOB leader only lifted the ban, but he never asked anybody to go and vote and before he lifted the ban, he gave his conditions which were met. He said he will make those conditions that were met known in due time and I’m not going to pre-empt him”.

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