No be my nature to dey brag – Success says in new viral video

Young internet sensation, Success Adegor has dropped another bombshell statement!

Success who was videoed together with ace Nigerian comedian, Usgbebe in a playful conversation. Ushbebe told Success had said to Success that she is always bragging.

In the video, Ushbebe had asked Success why she said in her first viral video that her teachers will flog her until they get tired and she replied that she was extremely pissed at them.

Comedian Ushbebe then jokingly told her to calm down as it’s as though she brags alot.

Success replied:

No be my nature to dey brag

Watch the video as shared below:

Success had come to limelight after she was discovered by a Nigerian lady, Stephen Idolor who videoed her rapping pidgin english after she was sent home for not paying her fees.


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