Noble Igwe’s Tailor Arrested For Having Tattoos

Noble Igwe’s Tailor Arrested For Having Tattoos.

Fashion Blogger, Noble Igwe reported over social media that his tailor has been arrested for having tattoos.

He said the police on duty revealed his tattoos were the reasons for his arrest because they signify that he has “cultism tendencies.”

So while watching TV,  I got a call from my tailor that he has been arrested because of his tattoos. I asked to speak with the arresting officer who told me that my tailor has “cultism tendencies”

So now I’m heading to Lion building to understand how tattoos = cultism”

Noble Igwe tweeted.

Noble Igwe however soon revealed that his Tailor has been released after the intervention of Segalink who came across the tweet.

“Let nobody ever come to me to ask why I Stan @segalink .

I didn’t call him or anything, he saw my tweet and got involved.

Thank you so much for being a brother and reaching out.”

The celebrity blogger also has something to say about the police force.

“I know that we love to hate the Nigerian police, there are too many good police officers but as I’m every organisation, there are bad ones too.
We need the police for a better society but we even need an informed police.” He wrote.


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