Nollywood Actor, Okon Lagos Blasts People Who Criticized Him For Justifying Rape

Actor Okon Lagos, after justifying rape, blasted people who called him out. He soon made a video to explain his reasons for justifying the cruel act.

Recently, some women were arrested in Abuja for prostitution and it was reported that the policemen raped them after arresting them.

This has caused a lot of reactions from people disgusted that people in charge of regulating the laws broke it instead.

However, Nigerian actor Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos came up with a video online.

He stated explicitly that the policemen act shouldn’t be labelled Rape but Theft because the women raped are prostitutes. He argued that rape is when the victim will go through an emotional trauma.

The only offense the policemen committed in his opinion, is theft because they refused to pay for services.

After being blasted and called out by several people, Okon Lagos took down the video and came up with a new one.

In the new video, Okon Lagos again stated his reasons for justifying the rape of the women arrested for prostitution.

It is rape if you take by force. If you steal, it’s theft. But if you sell sex and you’re raped, that means the culprit is guilty of theft.” He said in the video.

I stand for what I stand. You no like am like that, Vamoose.” He dismissed.

He also explained that he wasn’t actually trying to justify rape but was trying to open up another perspective to the situation.

It’s terrible when we give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Who justifies rape? Obviously not me. I think lots of people have problems with hearing and comprehension. Listen well again to the video I made. I never defended the animals that raped the girls. I only tried to open up another perspective to the crime they committed and that is robbery which attracts in most cases, instant death penalty by jungle justice while also condemning commercial sex hawking! Hear, Listen, Understand or shut up!!!” He captioned

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