NUPENG Warns Nigerians To Desist From Panic Buying of Fuel For Future Uses

The Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has publicly advised Nigerians to halt panicking on rumours of fuel subsidy and also an increase in the fuel price later on in the coming months.

A statement which was released and also signed by the NUPENG South West Chairman identified as Tayo Aboyeji, made it clear that Nigeria has enough petrol and diesel circulating in every state of the federation.

NUPENG South West Chairman, Tayo Aboyeji said in a statememt:

“Nigerians should stop spreading and listening to rumours of government removing fuel subsidy and increasing the pump price of fuel. We are not aware of such move, there is enough fuel in circulation and no increase has been made so far, ”

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The NUPENG head, Tayo Aboyeji, further warned Nigerians of the impending dangers of storing and piling fuel at homes and shops, most especially during this hot weather.

NUPENG head further said:

“Careless storage of fuel can lead to fire disaster both in the house or in the car,”

Majority of the fuel stations in different part of the country have been worried and surprised by anxious and worried Nigerians buying petroleum products to store at home for future uses as it could prove very dangerous.

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