Obasanjo Has More Mischief Under His Sleeves – CNM

  • Obasanjo planning to cause friction in the much-admired relationship between Christians and Muslims.
  • Nigerians have not allowed Obasanjo to lead the country into crisis, which is his age-long ambition.

The Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) has lambasted former president Olusegun Obasanjo over what it termed “another failed plot to incite violence across the nation.”

Obasanjo during his remarks at the Anglican Communion in Abuja on Saturday had claimed that Boko Haram and marauding Fulani herdsmen are out to Islamize and Fulanize Nigeria and entire West Africa.

Reacting to the comment, the CNM said it is another coy by the “ex-president” to cause friction in the much-admired relationship between Christians and Muslims.

Sabo Odeh, the group’s convener said Obasanjo could have more mischief under his sleeves hence Nigerians shouldn’t be surprised.

“We are aware that Obasanjo is sad brought on by his failure wasted years in office as a president that did not do enough to positively impact the life of Nigerians.

“His depression has been worsened by the direction and focus that President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to show Nigerians as opposed to the lost years that the country has under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

“It is important that Nigerians do not allow Obasanjo to lead the country into crisis, which is his age-long ambition. We are not strangers to his many failed letters and antics in the run-up to the General Elections, how he tried to appropriate even the name of our group in his desperate bid rally Nigerians behind his destabilization agenda. It took the maturity of Nigerians to see through his duplicity at that time.”

According to he group, this has made Obasanjo switch to sectarian and ethnic sentiments knowing that these are the only issues that make Nigerians react with passion instead of logic.

“He is cashing in on the weakness of the masses where their religion or ethnicity is concerned in order to plunge the country into civil a war. Nepotism, lack of continuity of policies by successive administrations, and corruption had hindered development, resulting in widespread insecurity, mistrust, nepotism, and electoral fraud that he mentioned as other reasons for the possible collapse of the country were intended to merely pad his speech and deflect attention from his true intent.

The Coalition, therefore, said that the era where he can deceive most people sometimes is over.

“He can now only fool a few people once in a while. Nigerians are wiser and they know that problems of the country today have their root in the manner Obasanjo handled the affairs of the country when he had the unusual fortune of being the first civilian president in the current democratic dispensation.”

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