Ochendo slams pastors, Linda Ikeji and native doctors

Nollywood comic actor, McSmith Ochendo has taken to his page to slam pastors, native doctors and Linda Ikeji.

According to Ochendo, the afore-mentioned persons are hypocrites living hypocritical life style.

One may wonder how billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji is sharing the same sentence as pastors and native doctors.

McSmith says its because she is hypocritical just like pastors and native doctors. He says these set of people say another thing and do another thing.

In his words:

You see that pastor that tells you money is the root of all evil and tells you not to be interested in material things, meanwhile he drives Rolls-Royce while you use okada and you believe him, you are a mugu.

If your pastor has Police Escorts and Body guards and tells you to buy sticker for Protection, and you buy it, then you are a Mugu.

If you listened to that Aunty (Linda Ikeji) and stayed Celibate all why she was driving around to collect dick then you are a Mugu.

If you go to meet a Native Doctor who is not only poor but also has 12 poor sons and you tell him to do Money Ritual for you then you are A Mugu.


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