Omokri Slams Buhari for Condoling With France Than Southern Kaduna People

  • Omokri slams Buhari for condoling with France leaving Nigerian states affected by crisis
  • Calls Buhari inferiority complex president.

Reno Omokri, a former media aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan has slammed president Muhammadu Buhari for condoling with President Emmanuel Macron of France and his people over the fire incident that occurred at the 850-year-old Notre Dame building.

iDONSABI reports that Buhari on Tuesday expressed his sympathy to Christians in Nigeria and all over the world following the partial destruction of the historical Cathedral, which houses deferent valuable items held dear by worshipers.

Omokri took to his Twiter handle to lambaste the president, describing him as someone with an inferiority complex.

“Can you imagine President @MBuhari condoling with France over the #NotreDameFire? Nobody died in that fire, but close to a hundred have died in Southern Kaduna at the hands of herdsmen this month alone. Where was Buhari’s condolence then? Nonexistent”

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Speaking on the fire incident that occurred at Imo Airport last week, Omokri criticised Buhar for not even acknowledging the incident.

“By condoling with France over #NotreDameFire and failing to condole with Imo over Imo Airport fire or with S Kaduna and Nasarawa over deaths from herdsmen, @MBuhari shows that his Condolence Allocation Formula is 0% to Nigerians, 100% to foreigners.”

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