Once You Say You Love Me, You Already Owe Me Money – Lady Reveals, Nigeria Twitter Reacts

Once You Say You Love Me, You Already Owe Me Money – Between Twitter Users

So Nneka is trending on Twitter and this is why.

A woman with the name Nneka in conversation with another twitter user reveals that once a man says he loves her, he already owes her.

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It’s amazing to be expensive. An expensive lady should be able to afford her expensive lifestyle. Putting a man under pressure to maintain her expensive lifestyle is wrong.


Sorry o. Men advocate


It’s simple logic b. Don’t be triggered


How is it logic?

I’m not a liability but at the same time, that’s how it has always been.

Men provide for women.

Once you say you love me, you already owe me money. If you say you wont give, bye


Your tweet is confusing. I like the fact that you said you aren’t a liability. But for you to say once he loves you, he owes you money is a wrong mentality. Can we also say that the minute you say you love him, you owe him money too?


Men are natural providers. In fact a man that is serious with u already knows his responsibility in your life & they aint complaining. When did this become a problem pls?


You are missing the point. No one said a man should not provide. He definitely will. But not because you are entitled. It would be because he sees your value and wants to add value to you.


Uhmmm yeah.

A lot of value a little sense of entitlement.

Asking me to be your girlfriend shows you already appreciate my value enough to wanna make me yours.

Now its your duty to make me enjoy life.

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