Orezi Refutes Claims He Burnt The Naira

Nigerian singer, Orezi has denied burning the Nigerian currency. He insisted the pictures posted were a show of graphics manipulation and that it was all for the gram.

The singer faced a lot of criticisms from the general public after posting a controversial picture. In the picture, Orezi was seen burning a 1000 naira note.

A series of backlash soon followed after the music artiste posted it on Instagram. Many fans expressed their utmost disgust at the action saying that it was a show of disrespect for the Nigerian legal tender. However, the superstar was quick to react to the criticisms. He said that he wasn’t burning the said notes.

The photo is a promotional picture for his new single titled, Born Broke Die Rich.

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Orezi stated that if fans took a critical look at the picture they would see that the fire almost got to his eyes. He further added that if the flames were real, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand the heat. I wouldn’t let fire burn my eyes all in the name of taking a picture, he said.

Prior to this, a post by Nigerian Newspaper, The Punch had ‘You are burning the Naira as if it’s paper, Nigerians slam Orezi’ for headline.

Worthy of note is that while some Nigerians slammed him for the barbaric act, some praised him for it. They were pleased at his art work stating that it was a fine piece of art.

The Nigerian singer is very talented with a long list of songs. Equally important is that it was shoki and shuperu that brought him to limelight.

The musician doesn’t boast the kind of loyal fans that other Nigerian music artistes have. According to a post by Pulse, it is believed that the reason behind the non-existent of Orezi’s core fans is his inactiveness of the screen. He hasn’t made the headlines for any controversial topic. Many don’t even know what he stands for.

Could this be a ploy by the singer to gain attention once more? I guess we will never know.

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