Oshiomole On Shaky Ground As President’s Men and Governors Plot Against Him

Oshiomole’s tenure is currently under threat as the top echelons of APC are dissatisfied with the recent conduct of the party’s primaries across different states of the federation.

A host of Governors and some members of the president’s cabinet including the first Lady Aisha Buhari are currently plotting against the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Comrade.Adams Oshiomole.

15 Governors alongside their allies in the president’s cabinet want the party chairman out of the office as soon as possible and replaced with someone amenable to their desires.

Their major bone of contention stems from the fact that most of them were unable to impose their candidate to represent the party in various elections.

The storm is gathering momentum just as the president, Muhammad Buhari is trying to mend fences and reunite the party following the bad blood created by the recent shady primaries. According to reliable sources, the way the primaries were conducted has become a source of concern to the major stakeholders in the party.

To help fan the growing flames, Oshiomole has fought saying he did everything for the masses and he will not cater to the whims of just a few cliques in the party. Oshiomole clearly warned the rabble-rousers that he will not compromise his principle just to satisfy them.

However, these major stakeholders are accusing the party leader of not playing fair hence creating more divisions and discontent in the party.
Some sources within the presidency also in on this plot against Oshiomole claimed that the party chairman was unable to effectively manage situations which have lead to grave consequences for the party.

The sources also said that Oshiomole ignored six directives from the presidency on how to handle the primaries in order to satisfy his selfish interest even though he wasn’t getting any results.

The situation escalated to the point that the party leader ignored the president’s invitations several times. According to reliable sources, the move to remove Oshiomole has begun in secret even though the President is not privy to this

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