Oyemykke Blasts Lady Who Labelled His Contents ‘Stupid’

A Twitter user identified as Mariposa attacks Oyemykke by labeling his contents stupid.

It started when the lady made a list of things that could help with engagement on Twitter.

She tweeted;

Looking for the Best ways to get tweet engagement?

“Worry no more, I gachu,

1. Ask for opinion.

2. Run a Poll / this or that.

3. Make a Typo Error.

4. Tweet a stupid video like Oyemykke.

5. Make a Typo Error.

6. ‘I have receipts’”

Of course, the content creator wasn’t having this; he replied her;

“Bitch I have gone through your page & your media for the last 5mins. Eventually I got to 2018 & still ain’t seen a picture of nothing but your ashy ass hands & a gifted soda. Sad ugly broke bitch!”

She replied;

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