Patoranking Dedicates New Album to Daughter

Patoranking is preparing to release new album which is dedicated to his daughter, Wilmer. According to reports, the album titled ‘Wilmer’ is set to be released on 24th May, 2019.

While unveiling the album art cover, Patoranking penned a sweet letter to his baby girl.

He wrote:

“Dearest Wilmer,

My blessing from above, Before I was introduced to you, I knew you, My new tribe, We grew, Steps we took, Days I flew, Sunrises too,
We are glued, Through unconditional love, Our souls intertwined,
Our bond, purest at its core, In disbelief that you are mine,
We shine, Through my obstacles in Cotonou, Hustling with Grandpa
A reminder, From there I came, Product of Ebute Metta,
Hope for the ghetto youth

I write you this letter in hopes you understand your greatest value, Of importance and bravery, Forged in rich heritage, African Royalty, A Champion that’s who you are Remember to pursue your greatest potential,

In you there could be a Yaa Asantewaa, A spark similar to Michelle Obama

Flawed I am not, For your eyes cloak me in deep comfort, Whilst Kampala airport remind me that I am Black, A Nigerian The beauty lies in the fact that you see me Past all that, All that identifies as unworthy,
For in you there is strength, Drawn by raw emotion,
Magnificent in all your humility, In all the changes you made in me,
Unknowingly, Separated by an influx of differences, Surrounded by infinite love, My peace of mind, The anomaly, The exception to the rule,
You are, My best body of work, Art imitating life,
I am, Father to Wilmer
God fearing, African,
Black, Man This is Wilmer,

Daughter of Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie aka Patoranking
My dedication.”


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