Perfect strangers 2019 Movies

Since the advent of mobile phones, a number of personal tasks have become easier to do. However, a lot of persons have become so attached to their cell phones that it occupies 90% space in their heart. Well, perfect strangers narrate the story of a group of friends and their little game which subsequently reveals their hidden secrets.

The Storyline of Perfect Strangers

This suspense-filled drama fluctuates around the complication of piled up secrets as it brings up a more poignant conversation. On the night of the red moon eclipse, a group of friends decides to have fun and party all night; with no hidden agenda for each other. However, the night took a different shape with a game initiation; after the breakup of a couple amidst them.

The Cast of Perfect strangers

Starring Cecilia Suarez, Ana Claudia Talancón, Mariana Treviño, Bruno Bichir, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Miguel Rodarte, Camila Valero, and Franky Martín

Where to Watch This Movie

Check your nearest cinema for this movie. By the way, you can visit to watch the trailer.


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