Photographer Made To Modify Her Outfit For A Church Wedding

Nigerian photographer identified as @Black_alien__ on Twitter shares a before and after picture of how she dressed to go to work and what she was made to change into.

She revealed that she had a wedding gig at Umunede, Delta state and she went in a jean and top. However, she was made to tie a wrapper and scarf before she could enter the church for her photography job.

She wrote, “Story: I went to nmudene for this wedding gig. And when I prepared to leave Benin for it, I didn’t really consider the church. So I dressed for it and those people weren’t having it, so they clothe me.”

Also in the news is a face model who suffered  discrimination in the hands of a make up artist for being an amputee.

Sandra Ikeji was also in the news after Setting Record With 200 Bridesmaids On Her Wedding Day (Pictures)

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