Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Started A Fire In The Toilet (Video)

A tragedy was averted today as an Azman airline aircraft had to make an emergency landing after a passenger started a fire inside the toilet.

Payporte’s CEO, Eyo Bassey who was one of the passengers on the flight reported that a fellow passenger started burning incense in the plane’s toilet after take off. The pilot was notified but disregarded it.

Few minutes after, the toilet was engulfed by fire which was caused by what the lady was burning.

Passengers immediately informed the plane staffs and the journey from Lagos to Abuja had to be aborted

The lady was arrested afterwards and many called for the arrest of the pilot too for disregarding the initial reports from passengers.

Life should be taken more seriously. Why insist on flying a security compromised aircraft? We landed seven minutes after takeoff. And we were greeted by an ambulance and fire service trucks,” Mr. Eyo Bassey said.

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