Pochettino Says Ajax Have Been Handed A little Advantage Heading Into Their UCL Clash

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham’s boss has expressed concerns over what he describes as an unfair advantage. The Argentine thinks it is a little bit unfair that Ajax gets to get the weekend off while Tottenham have a game to play over the weekend before the midweek encounter between the two clubs.

The Lilywhites have been afforded a Saturday afternoon kick off against West Ham United where they look to tighten their grip on a third place finish.

On the other hand, the Dutch Eredivise have cancelled Ajax’s weekend fixture to give the Dutch giants enough time to rest before their Champions league encounter with Liverpool.

Recall that Pochettino had gone on ranting and calling out governing bodies to help English football just before their last-16 clash with Borussia Dortmund.

Taking things into perspective, the Spurs packed fixture would make it scarcely possible for their game against West Ham to be rescheduled but Pochettino maintains that Ajax now have an edge over them.

However, Pochettino says football in Europe was somewhat different from that played in England.

The Argentine said that the Dutch club would have more time to prepare and avoid risk unlike his side who have to play on Saturday and then again on Tuesday before competing in a derby.

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He insists that in these games concentration and effort has to be massive suggesting that there was no room for his side to rest between the two legs with Ajax.

He reiterates that he wasn’t trying to cause a fuss but that he thinks playing a Champions league semi-final both teams should have equal times to prepare.

“I don’t want to create a debate but the fact is, playing a Champions League semi-final. I think both teams should have the same time to prepare.”

He however adds that it was something that he needed to accept because England is the toughest competition in the world.

“We need to accept, it’s not a thing to complain about, we are in England, the toughest competition in the world”

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