Police Arrest Man Who Set His Ex’s Family Of Nine Ablaze

— Horrific news as a man set his ex girlfriend’s family ablaze.

— They had a big fight and he sought to punish her.

— 9 family members lost their lives and he has now being caught.

A man identified as Deji Adenuga has been arrested after setting his ex girlfriend’s house on fire killing 9 family members.

News is that both had a big disagreement before then leading to their breakup. The quarrel was settled at a police station but Deji was dissatisfied.

In the night while the family were sleeping, he slipped through a window and doused the house with petrol before setting it ablaze.

Two died on the spot immediately while 7 were taken to a hospital where they gave up.

However, his ex girlfriend, Titi Sunmonu was out of town the night it happened unbeknownst to him.

He fled the town after his gruesome act but was immediately regarded as a suspect.

People in the area confirmed his relationship with Titi and how they had broken up just a few days ago. Their relationship was about 4 year old and they always had disagreements.

However the man was angry and bitter Titi left him because he had “invested” in her.

This happened in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo state.

The police has confirmed his arrest, stating that he was arrested under a bridge that leads to Lagos-Ibadan expressway in Ogun State.

Also stated is the fact that Deji Adenuga was an ex convict who broke out from a prison in 2013.

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