Policeman Flees Scene After He Accidentally Shot A Woman Instead of Dogs

—Policeman mistakenly shot a woman, flees scene immediately.

— The dogs were attacking the woman, a police interfered and shot the woman instead.

A policeman shot a lady while trying to shoot dog. According to the eye witness, the woman was attacked by a dog and she was trying to fight them of.

A car stopped and an unidentified police man came down.

In his attempt to shoot the dogs and scare them away, the police accidentally shot the woman.

” I thought he was going to kick the dogs out but he cocked his gun and fired at the dogs. He missed and hit the woman.”

The unidentified policeman fled the scene immediately without waiting to see the extent of his gun shot.

However the eye witness immediately helped the woman up and rushed her to University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

“It was so painful we couldn’t get the number of the hilux.” the eyewitness said.

Also in the news is a pastor who has accused a renowned politician in Imo State of destroying a church.

The church Owerri Gospel Hub of Rhythm 5 Int’l in Owerri was burned to the ground. Thugs came in the middle of the night on the 28th of April to burn up the place.

According to Douglas Johnson, a politician known as Chief Okey Ikoro was the one who hired the thug.

Read More >>> Pastor Douglas Johnson Accuses Renowned Politician of Destroying a Church in Owerri (Photos)

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