Premier League Preview – Manchester United vs. Liverpool – 10th March 2018

This is, without doubt, going to be this week’s star English Premier League Match. It’s Mourinho (the not so special one) vs. Klopp, it is Manchester United vs. Liverpool. So the last meetings between the Red Devils and the Reds have been shambolic goal-wise. The last three matches between these two ended in draws. Hopefully this match will live up to its expectations and keep us entertained with goals and stellar performances.

We all know that Manchester City has all but won the league, so this fight will not be for the first spot position. I mean Pep’s men are 18 points atop the league table; it will take a major, major flop for City to lose that position. The league fights now will be for the Champions League spot, Europa League Spots and of course the fight to stay above the relegation zone.

This weekend on Sunday, Klopp’s men will be visiting Old Trafford as they make an attempt at regaining the 2nd position which Manchester claimed at Selhurst Park during the week.

There’ll be a lot to fight for in this match as the men of Anfield will be fighting to take back “their place”. Apparently, no club wants to be third with Tottenham Hotspur breathing down their neck.

Results of Last Matches

Manchester United has won 4 of their last 6 matches, losing one away to New Castle and drew 0 – 0 to Sevilla in Old Trafford, for the Champions league First Knock Out Round. In the Premier League, they’ve won four out of their last 6 matches and lost two.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has fared a bit better with two draws and four wins, the last match was on Tuesday when they drew against Porto at Anfield during the second leg UEFA Champions league first round knockout. They’ve qualified though, for the Champions League quarter-final, their 5-0 mauling of Porto at the first leg saw to that.

Salah and KloppTactics Most Likely To Be Employed By Teams

Liverpool is a very attack-minded team, and they do really have some great quality attackers to do the job. The trio of M. Salah (2nd top scorer this season), Mane and the hardworking Roberto Firmino are going to be huge forces to contend with. Liverpool scores majorly first-half goals, usually in the first 15 minutes they are a goal up. While Jurgen Klopp will go hard at United for 90 minutes, Mourinho will try to blunt the edge of Liverpool’s attack. He knows he doesn’t have as much attack quality as Liverpool does. So Jose Mourinho will try to contain this goal-scoring team for the first 15 minutes and even till the end of the first half. Then in the second half when Jurgen Klopp’s’ men are tiring from all the hustling he’ll unleash his men.

David De GeaIt’s not as though Liverpool is without her own troubles as they visit Old Trafford this weekend. There is the trouble of the big forward, Lukaku. Though underrated by some, he can be a real bother in front of goal due to his size and strength. Even when he’s having a bad day and almost invisible in a match, it doesn’t diminish the problems he can cause in front of goal. And of course, the Reds of Anfield will have to shoot past David De Gea. Now the Spaniard has been doing excellent of late. Many a time he’s been Manchester United saviour, just like the now club-less Vincent Enyeama used to be for the Nigerian Super Eagles.  There’s nothing as confidence boosting for a team as knowing your goal post are in safe hands. And this is what Liverpool will be up against come this Saturday in Manchester.

If the last performance of both teams is anything to go by, then we can say Manchester is at an advantage, apart from the fact that they’ll be playing at home, they won their last match against Crystal Palace. Klopp’s men drew at home to Porto FC. It didn’t matter much though because they’ve already qualified.

And as for who will win this match up? It can go in any direction. Remember there’s not much separating these two teams and there will be everything to fight for. We just hope it doesn’t end in a draw like their last three meeting has ended. Saturday will tell though.

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