Pres. Buhari addresses Nigerians ahead of May 29th Swearing-In passes no vote of confidence in the 8th National Assembly

– Pres. Muhammadu Buhari in a special interview addressed Nigerians ahead of May 29th Swearing-in

– The President passed a vote of no confidence on the National Assembly

Pres. Muhammadu Buhari was on air on NTA Live Tonight during a special interview on the country’s TV Station.

The President in his statement spoke about the 8th National Assembly which is drawing to an end under Senate Pres. Bukola Saraki and Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

He passed a vote of no confidence on the legislators especially on the aspect of budget.

Pres. Buhari disclosed that the National Assembly held the country to ransom by refusing to pass the budget.

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He said, “I think a culture was developed in the National Assembly, that they should dictate the terms, I think it was wrong.

“It is the Executive that dictates the terms and take it before the Legislature that will examine it and agree or disagree with it.

“But when they go around posing that they are the government and not the Executive then that is a problem”.

“I personally spoke to the Senate President, Saraki and the Leader of the House, Dogara, they could not deny it, I asked them how do they feel to hold the country to ransom for seven months without passing a budget?

“I told them that personally they are not hurting me, they are hurting the country.

“So really, in terms of patriotism, I think I rated them very, very low indeed”.

The President disclosed that holding the budget to ransom for seven months is not justifiable.

Buhari added that he is frustrated because his government couldn’t move faster with all the projects that they planned out to achieve.

The President however stated that some success  were achieved in his first term which included bringing a relieve to the people in country’s Northeastern region.

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