President Muhammadu Buhari calls his daughter “Baby Boo” as she cheers him on [VIDEO]

This is a video capturing the moment President Muhammadu Buhari called his cheering daughter “my baby boo.”

Following the outcome of the February 23 elections that saw the flag bearer of the All Progressive Peoples Congress, Muhammadu Buhari clinch a re-election to remain the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the next four years, his daughter cheered him on.

However, the moment has been described by many supporters of Muhammadu Buhari as memorable.

In the video, president Muhammadu Buhari was seen making his way into his office following his victory and his daughter was at the entrance cheering him on in happiness.

President Buhari looked at her momentarily as he silently muttered something many believe to be “my baby boo.”

Watch the video of the moment below:

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