Primary School Teacher Accused of Molesting Students, School Accused of Cover Up

Instagram user @adana_chelle, two days ago showcased pictures of a young man in the above picture whom she identified as Mr Adebayo Gbadebo. A teacher at Isolog Primary School in Ogun State. She claimed this man raped and molested students within the age range 9 – 10 and was allowed to go scot free although the proprietress knew about his terrible acts.

The man in question was sacked by the head teacher of the school but no formal report was made to the police force or human rights agency. Instead @adana_chelle wrote, “ the head teacher threatened the students and the staff of the school that if any should let words out about the incident to the parents whose children are involved, they will die, be expelled or fired.”

@adana_chelle further wrote that the school secretly administered antibiotics to the victims without proper tests or confirmation from their parents in order not to brew suspicions.

It’s been confirmed that one of the victims aged 9 year old has been diagnosed with a severe condition where by her anal nerves are severally damaged, which causes her to pass urine and feaces uncontrollably. She said Mr. Adebayo had been having anal sex with her since she was 6 years old.”  She wrote.

The accused is yet to be found, the school is accused of trying to sweep this gruesome act under the rug and the police are not involved in this issue yet.

“I need justice to be served fully . Please I need this to go viral, reasons being that a lot of other children could be victims and their parents will not know”  @adana_chelle begs.

Meanwhile, an instagram user claims that the man in the picture fits the description of a man he knows.

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