Prof Jerry Gana – ‘only some renegade members of the SDP endorsed Pres. Buhari’

– Presidential candidate of the SDP, Prof. Jerry Gana said that the party didn’t endorse Pres. Muhammadu Buhari

– He said only some renegade members under the guise of NEC endorsed the APC presidential candidate

Former Minister and Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP, Prof Jerry Gana in a recent statement has reacted to the report that the political party has endorsed the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress APC, Pres. Mohammadu Buhari.

Prof. Jerry Gana in his statement declared that the SDP didn’t endorse Pres. Buhari.

He, however, noted that some renegade members of the SDP under the guise of the National Executive Council NEC met in Abuja to adopt Pres. Buhari.

Prof. Jerry Gana in a statement released by his campaign Director-General, Ike Neliaku disclosed that the most of the key members of the party were not aware.

Ike Neliaku in his statement on the recent happenings within the Social Democratic Party, SDP said, “We are, therefore, compelled to once again reach out to you and millions of Nigerians who are shocked by the pronouncement of yesterday by some renegade members of our party, SDP, under the guise of a National Executive Committee, NEC, purportedly met in Abuja and resolved to adopt the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, as its consensus candidate in the forthcoming presidential election.

“We wish to categorically condemn and dissociate ourselves from this unfortunate, retrogressive, outrageous, unjust, mercantilist, disgraceful betrayal of trust and anti-party activity led by a small faction loyal to the running mate to Donald Duke, Alhaji Shehu Gabam.

“Their pronouncement puts the party in a political mudslide that not only put the party in bad light but is injurious to all other SDP candidates standing election on the platform of the party.

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