Pst. Sam Adeyemi laments on the Poor State of Public Schools says it is too painful to watch

– Pastor Sam Adeyemi has reacted to poor state of Public Schools in the country

– He went ahead to list out some solutions that should be put in place to improve public schools

One of Nigeria’s leading men of God and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Center, Pastor Sam Adeyemi in a latest statement today has reacted to the poor state of public schools in Nigeria.

Pastor Adeyemi stated that the future is being destroyed for millions of children and it is too painful to watch.

He stressed that the solution should start with the Primary schools by calling local government chairmen to town hall meeting for discussion, he added that trainings should also be given to teachers.

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Below is an extract from his statement via his Twitter handle,

Few things have moved me to tears in the last few decades. The state of public schools in Nigeria tops the list. The future is being destroyed for millions of children and it is too painful to watch.

To know what Nigeria will look like in 30 years, just look at the state of the schools. What goes into the minds of our young ones will come out in their lives as adults.

It’s not all the schools that are bad. Some are good, but they are far between. We need to do something, and urgently too. But I doubt the political elite will do it without us holding them accountable.

My hypothesis: If we start with primary schools, for which local governments are responsible, call our chairman to a town hall meeting, discuss our vision for world-class schools and funding (govt. & donors)

If we add teachers’ training, form committees, take action and do follow-up town halls to make local council officials account, with the good chance of them being voted out if they fail, things can begin to shift. What do you think?

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