Raheem Sterling Says Not Enough Is Done Concerning Racism In Football

Raheem Sterling has described racism problems in football as deep and nowhere near being sorted out as the organizations that run the sport are not doing enough to eradicate the issue.

The England International and Manchester City winger has increasingly become a figurehead in the war against racism having experienced abuse on the field of play times without number.

Most recent of this occurrence was in England’s match against Montenegro where the youngster was seen cupping his hands to his ears in response to racism chants from fans of Montenegro.

Raheem Sterling is one of the several signatories to a manifesto started by The Times calling for more severe punishments for defaulters of racist abuse, actions from social media companies and call for more blacks, Asians and minority ethnic people (BAME) into positions of power.

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“When I was a young boy growing up in London, going to school and playing football, I didn’t know what racist abuse was because I never suffered any.

“So it seems crazy that in 2019, I feel the need to write a piece in a newspaper calling for radical changes to the game that I love. But I do because the racism problem in football is so bad, runs so deep and is nowhere near being sorted.”

Sterling went ahead to recall past incidents including when he was booed by Chelsea fans when his side played at the Bridge and the abuse Moise Kean of Juventus was repeatedly subjected to in Italy.

The attacker says that it is just the tip of the iceberg and that it occurs over a wide range from park football to the Champions League to a number of black and Asian players, fans and coaches.

He also suggested that the punishment for racist abuses should be as severe as a nine-point deduction for clubs and three games behind closed doors as opposed to the current starting point of a fine.

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