Reactions as former Gov. Orji’s son becomes Abia Speaker

– Chinedun Orji has been voted in as the 11th Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly

– Nigerians have, however, reacted to the development 

The Abia State House of Assembly had their inauguration on Monday, during which they voted in Chinedun Orji has the new Speaker of the House thus making him the 11th Speaker in Abia.

Chinedun Orji, who is representing Umuahia Central State Constituency is a second term lawmaker in the Abia House of Assembly and he is the son of the State former Gov., Theodore Orji.

Following the election that saw Chinedum Orji become the new Speaker of the House, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the latest developments.

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Below are some of the tweets,

I have since stopped tweeting politics, both in Nigeria and Abia. I am sorry, but that’s my only path to sanity. The people who conspired to kidnap Abia State have won. Let them keep dancing their ‘victory’ song. A known miscreant has become Speaker. Doxology.
Senator Theodore Orji’s son is the new Abia State Assembly’s Speaker and I haven’t seen thread about godfatherism, nepotism, tokenism, tribalism and all those other big big vocals. What a time to be alive in Nigeria
Just look at Abia state. The most underdeveloped state in the south practising Monarchy. A state that has the Governor’s billboards as the most beautiful thing is low-key rewarding their ex-governors/sons. Maybe the state should be addressed as “Ochendu and Sons Ltd”.
In Abia State… Senator 1 was a former Governor Senator 2 was a former Governor Senator 3 was a former Deputy Governor Speaker of the HOA is the son of Senator 1
Dr. Guendouzi (Yaro mai Lokachi )
Father senator, son speaker. Okorocha no do reach dis one, dem wan crucify am. Why are you people mute?

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