Reactions Trail FUTA Student And School Father Who Assaulted A Female Mate After ‘Little’ Misunderstanding [Video]

A video of a female FUTA student assaulted by her undergraduate mates has gone viral on social media.

The 100 level student – who goes by the name Bolu – was battered by a group of girls for a misunderstanding they had.

Rumours have it that her accuser claimed she was fond of peddling rumours about her and was now due for punishment.

The main accuser called her school father to weigh in on the situation with her school father opting to flog the girl with careless abandon using a belt.

The accuser was also caught on video punching the accused on the face countless times alongside a group of six including the accuser’s school father.

One of the girls was filmed viciously beating the accused with a broom with the girl screaming ‘egbami o’, a yoruba word for ‘please save me’

This incident happened just outside the school premises  a probable reason why the assaulted girl couldn’t get help anywhere around.

The video has garnered a lot of reactions, most of who were sympathizers asking for the expulsion of the students involved in the assault.

According to the school rules, such behaviour attracts a huge penalty.

It was later suggested that a judgement has been passed on those involved with the students set to face due punishment.

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