Read Full Supreme Court Judgement Sacking Ihedioha As Imo Governor

It is no more news that Hope Uzodinman has been declared as the duly elected governor of Imo state by the Supreme Court.

Uzodinma was declared as the winner of the poll after proving his case beyond a reasonable doubt that his votes amounting to over 200,000 were canceled in 388 polling units.

The respondents which are former governor, Emeka Ihedioha and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) failed to prove that the document supplied by the appellant is forged.

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“Having pleaded that the documents are false, the respondents made allegation of criminal nature against the appellants.

“They were required to plead the specific elements of fraud and lead evidence showing genuine results. Not only must the allegation be proved beyond doubt, it must also be proved that the appellants personally committed the forgery or aided and abetted the commission of the crime or that they procured the commission of the crime through their agents or officials.

“Although they relied heavily on the assertion that exhibits PPP1 – PPP366 were fake, no evidence was adduced to prove the assertion at all, let alone beyond any reasonable doubt,” part of the judgment reads.

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You can download the full judgment here as read by Justice Olatokunbo Kekere-Ekun.

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