Read The Open Letter to Daddy Freeze’s Mother That Got People Talking

Drama is about to unfold as Andela Smith, a well known ruffler of controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has shared an open letter querying Daddy Freeze’s mother.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote:


i would like to express my disappointment from your open show of support, encouragement, sponsorship and glorification of the Adulterous life style of your son Ifedayo Olorinde aka Daddy Freeze as evidenced on instagram Videos and Pictures posted by your son & his Baby Mama who is married to someone else. I had expected much more from a Nigerian professor of Law who is President of the Nigerian Association of Law and Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. (ABUAD) and also a UNICEF’s Legal Researcher. Much is expected from a teacher who moulds the minds of young people. Unfortunately, I am not seeing this in your relationship with your son and therefore can’t help but submit this letter of complaint hoping you will change your ways.Your Son Daddy Freeze faces multiple court cases in the High court in Lagos and Port Harcourt for his messy separation from his wife and for impregnating his Baby Mama Benedicta aka @tastebudzng in her matrimonial home and giving birth to an illegitimate son , your so-called grandson named Abimbola Jessen. His baby mama admitted this in court. The divorce cases are in public domain in social media and Court documents, which are in our possession and available to the interested public.Instead of condemning such an act, you are making a public show of support.We understand you used your office and connections to provide legal advice to his legal team and have boasted on several occasions to save him from the Judiciary system using your office, capacity and connections, knowing full well what he did was wrong. This clearly shows that you support his amoral character and condone his actions . He insults people who are old enough to be his grandparents in the name of attacking pastors . This clearly affronts the well known Yoruba culture and heritage of respect for seniors.You ought to be mortified by the sort of adult your son became.

Although your OAP son is an Adult and no one is against a mother in support of her son but as a Law teacher what sort of moral values do you teach your students? It is painful to the senses to see that a professor appointed in Nigeria to prepare young minds could show such open support for her son of such behavior.You must be aware that many children have been negatively affected by your son’s conduct.I am very convinced you understand the legal & moral implications of the things your son has done. I don’t know whether your son’s behavior is acceptable in your Romanian Country of origin or the culture of your husband Dr Olarinde, but in African culture it is reprehensible & totally unacceptable.I’m sure you are aware that your son and his baby mama acted irresponsibly and this reflects on their parentsI hope you agree with me that this is not acceptable under any circumstances. I trust you will deal with this issue in a better way. Please do not allow your reputation already muddied by Freeze or that of Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State(ABUAD) and Nigerian Association of Law Teachers be dragged further in the mud.”

Daddy Freeze

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