Reno Omokri Gives Notes On Valentines Day

With February 14 – Valentine’s Day – fast approaching, lovers and couples alike can’t stop daydreaming about it with several of them ‘wagging tails’ in anticipation of the day dedicated to celebrate lovers.

It was revealed last year in a study that 83% of Nigerians celebrate Valentine’s Day as it is dubbed the most romantic day for partners to express their love

It is a day in which couples surprise their partners with cards, flowers, money and indeed any other thing which breathes some element of love.

While some appreciate this approach, some Nigerian lovers express theirs through sex with Valentine night deemed by many as a night where adultery and fornication seem to be the order of the day.

Reno Omokri has a note for his followers, one he expects them to pen down and it is not unrelated to the subject topic – Valentine’s Day – on his regular #RenoNuggets.

The author cum lawyer says sex shouldn’t be the sole way to express love between partners. He opines that the purpose of sex is for recreation and that its by-product is pleasure rather than love. He feels that the idea that sex is love is one from the devil and implored his fans to take note

“Valentines Day is coming. It is another opportunity for satan to deceive you that sex is love. Sex is not love. Animal have sex too. The main purpose of sex is recreation. The byproduct is pleasure. Love does not come in. This Valentines Day, celebrate love; not sex #RenosNuggets”, Reno Omokri wrote.  

That said, some Nigerians feel that February 14 shouldn’t be the only day to express love and that it should be celebrated all day, all year.

Some of the holders of this belief are of the opinion that whether or not they get a gift from their partner on that particular day wasn’t a criterion for love.


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