Reno Omokri releases evidence on how 2019 Presidential Election was rigged

– Reno Omokri has released a long statement as evidence on how the 2019 Presidential Election was rigged

A former aide to former Pres. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Reno Omokri, who happens to be a supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Reno Omokri has released a long statement which serve as his proofs that the 2019 Presidential election was rigged.

Reno Omokri in his statement compared the turnout of voters with the level of security in each region.

The former presidential media aide made this known via his Twitter handle, he wrote,

Dear Nigerians, The presidential elections were rigged. I laid out the facts in my series INEC numbers don’t add up.

“Numbers being spewed out by INEC don’t add up. Turnout was down nationally, but up in insecure states. Borno had 39% turnout. Yobe had 40%. Whereas Abia had 16% turnout and turnout in Akwa-Ibom dropped by 18%. These are statistical impossibility.

“In Akwa-Ibom, where voter turnout was down 18% (compared to 2015), Buhari managed to increase his share of the votes by 34% (compared to his 2015 share). How can turnout be down in Akwa-Ibom and up in Borno/Yobe? It is a statistical impossibility.

“In Lagos and Kano, which are peaceful, fewer people voted. But Yobe saw a REMARKABLE increase in turnout. 76000 more people voted in Yobe this year than in 2015. Are people migrating from peaceful Lagos/Kano to war-torn Yobe? Statistical impossibility.

“Turnout in Kano was down 11% from 2015. INEC has more presence in Kano than Yobe and Borno. Even the Governor of Borno is not safe despite the army that moves with him. Yet, turnout dropped in Kano and rose dramatically in Borno. Statistically impossible.

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“In Lagos, turnout was down 28% from 2015. PDP’s vote down by 180k. Yet, there was high anticipation for this election in Lagos on both sides. Meanwhile, Zamfara’s voter turnout is higher than Lagos. Is banditry conducive to high voter turnout?

“The SE is another matter. Whereas voter turnout was DOWN in the SE, APC share was UP. Abia had 16% turnout, yet Buhari increased his share of Abia vote from 3% to 28%. This is mirrored in other SE states. Not impossible, but very doubtful

“Kogi, where herdsmen have made life hell for the people saw a voter turnout increase of 22% from 2015. Their turnout increase is even higher than Katsina (7%) where Buhari comes from. They did not even use intelligence. Not impossible, but very doubtful.”

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