#RevolutionNow: Ruggeddman responds to fan who said he and other celebrities were not spotted at the protest

– Ruggedman responded to a follower on Twitter, who said himself and other celebrities didn’t join in the #RevolutionNow protest

A Nigerian took to Twitter to call out veteran rapper, Ruggedman and other celebrities for failing to show up during the #RevolutionNow protest which took place on Monday.

The follower went ahead to list out previous instances when Nigerian celebrities came out to protest as he termed them hypocrites.

He wrote, “@dray_sneh: I¬†welcome you all to the Federal Republic of Hypocrites, poverty capital of the world @oluwaloninyo @RuggedyBaba @henryshield”

Ruggedman in his response called on the follower to show pictures of himself at the protest as well.
He wrote, “I have been looking out for things you have done or pictures of u at atleast one protest. Or one thread of something you did to help one Nigerian out of a situation. Did u delete them all? I dont want to believe you are just a social media finger pointer/fault finder. Pls show us”

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