Samsung Galaxy S10, 10e, 10Plus, Fold | All You Need To Know Plus Price In Naira

Samsung seems to have won the battle of phones and tilt phone users towards the use of Android and away from Apple’s iOS with its release of its Samsung Galaxy S10, 10e, 10plus and Fold phones

You didn’t think it would turn out that way? I didn’t think so either. Huawei and Samsung have both given Apple a run for their money with Huawei releasing its all-mighty P20 Pro and laying claims to the fact that their all new processor was better and pretty much powerful than Samsung’s and Apple’s which was indeed true.

Well, not until the release of the Samsung S10.

S10 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e will be made available for preorder on the 20th of February with shipping not coming any earlier than the 8th of March.

S10 Specs

You didn’t take a good look, did you? Scroll up once more and take another. This device is the perfect blend of power, elegance and a perfect wrap to the 10-years anniversary of Samsung storied S-series.

What really is this perfection all about? It boasts an edge-to-edge screen with teeny-weeny bezels and an Infinity-O display that cuts a small hole for its front-facing camera running on the Android 9 pie operating system and as much as 128GB+ storage.

It also comes along with a wireless charging technology (Power Share) which gives it the ability to charge other phones. We’re not done yet.

The S10 fits in it an in-screen fingerprint sensor which makes use of sound waves and a triple lens camera –compared to its old setup – to take ultra-wide sharp photos, not forgetting the Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Specs of each Samsung 10 model

Battery: 3100mAh for S10e, 4,100mAh for S10 Plus, 3.400mAh for S10

Memory: 6GB base for S10e, 8GB for S10 and S10 plus

Screen size: The S10 has a 6.1-inch screen while the S10 plus opts for a 6.4-inch screen

Weight: 157 grams for S10, 175g for S10+, 150g for S10e

The Galaxy fold

This is Samsung’s hybrid foldable phone where it doubles as both a phone and a tablet. It is made up of two screens: a 4.6 inch as a phone and 7.6-inch screen as a tablet. It comes along with it six cameras, three at the rear, two front cameras and one cover camera.

Need I say more? It’s an absolute wonder.

Price of S10 in Nigeria

The Galaxy S10e will cost in the neighbourhood of 228750 naira

Galaxy S10 – 400,000 naira for 12GB RAM and 310,000 Naira for its 6GB Variant

Galaxy S10 plus – 350,000-365000 Naira for the 8GB RAM variant and 520000 Naira for the 12GB variant

Galaxy Fold – 800,000 naira

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