Saraki Begs For Mercy

The Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria — and Former Executive Governor of Kwara State — Senator Bukola Saraki, has pleaded deeply for mercy.

Saraki who made this earnest plea, did so, on behalf of the aspirants of the Peoples Democractic Party, PDP. He sought the clemency of the people of Kwara state, asking them to forgive anyone who might have offended them in the past, amongst the PDP aspirants.

He said “He said,”Whatever wrong any of our candidates had done you,please forgive them because of me,and the interest of kwara and vote for all of them in the coming elections.Don’t worry, whoever among them that failed to perform this time around, we will together send them away ”

Saraki who also spoke vehemently against the insincere plots and schematics of the All Progressives Congress, APC, said “We have known each other, don’t be deceived by their propaganda, they have failed us totally in the last three and a half years. Let’s send them away with their hunger,poverty hardship and insecurity they brought to Nigeria with our permanent voters card (PVC)in the forthcoming elections. ”

“The purported move of Senator Bola Tinubu and his cohorts to take over political power ,in the state during the forthcoming general elections is an empty threat that would not materialise.

“Kwara is a state in the northern region of the country and not in the South-west where Senator Tinubu has been allegedly tormenting the people of the zone.

Also, the outgoing governor of Kwara state, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, added his voice to that of the senate president, saying that the past administrations had brought a new lease of life to the people of the state in the last 16 years.

Governor Ahmed advised members of the party to come out en-masse and cast their votes for all the candidates of the party so as to ensure continuity of the administration of the state.

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