Season Finale of GOT – Was the Wait Worth it?

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones “GOT” Finale.

After a series of emotional roller coaster from tears to laughs to admiration to anger, the greatest show has finally come to an end. Meanwhile, it didn’t just end, it has left us with a lot to talk about.

The finale has a lot of buts, it could have been better which left many disappointed and with mixed feelings. This begs the question, was the wait worth it? Did they really rush things off or are we just pissed our favorite show didn’t drag a little bit more?

And wait what? That’s the end?

Personally, my ending is, Jon Snow killed my sweet Dany, the unsullied tried to burn him alive and Wow, OMG, why is Jon unscathed? Everyone realizes he is a Targaryen and they all bow for the rightful King of The Seven oh Six Kingdoms.

Although GOT finale was underwhelming for a lot of fans because it isn’t as good as the rest of the seasons but there’s no doubt there are some high points. The producers at least deserve some accolades for that.

5 High Points In The Game of Thrones Season Finale

  1. The Starks Won!

They are the show. The show basically started from them, Wise Ned Stark, Willful Catelyn Stark and kids who grew up shaped by their father’s love and words.

“When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the packs survives”

—Ned Stark.

The Starks survived and that it one thing GOT got right. They all grew up to be wiser, better and Queens and Kings.

Sansa- from a little bird, naive and probably dumb was shaped by circumstances that prepared her to become the Queen of the North. 

GOT Sansa Stark

Jon became free as he always wanted to be, I always felt that Jon wasn’t made for the throne, remember “he knows nothing”. Jon leaving everything behind best describes who he is and reuniting with Ghost? So beautiful.

GOT Jon Snow

Bran: Well, who knew Jamie Lannister almost slayed the King when he pushed him off the window?

Bran, the 3-eyed raven, seer of the past, present and future became the King. Although this was unexpected, it was totally worth it for the struggles the Starks went through. And who can rule Westeros better than a man who will always be logical with the state affairs?

Oh and my Arya. Arya’s character development is one of the most beautiful part of the show. She has always been portrayed as that girl with a wild spirit and surviving the show to become almost every one’s favorite is a thing GOT got right. All hail the adventuress.

Now, let’s leave the starks. Another thing GOT got right contrary to popular opinion is

      2. Cersei’s Death

Many expected Cersei to have a very horrid death, perhaps mutilated and fed to Drogon. But what better way for a hot headed Queen to die than with regret?

Cersei died in regret, she was a weak woman for the first time. If she had the chance, she would beg to live.

It was so unlike her and there’s nothing more disempowering and sad than a powerful Queen watching her world crash right in front of her and helpless to save it. Good thing she died in her lover’s arms though.

  1.  The Iron Throne

The most beautiful part for me in the season Finale was Drogon after Dany’s death. Drogon immediately sensed that something had happened to Dany which explains the beautiful bond between her and her dragons. I mean throughout the whole series, I didn’t fully understand the connection between Khalessi and her dragons until the finale.

Wait, do Dragons cry?


What GOT got right is Drogon melting the Iron throne.

Jon, the murderer was right there in front of him and he could have burned him up but he knew Jon isn’t the real murderer. The Iron Throne is, the iron throne cost his mother’s life and since she couldn’t get it. No one will. How poetic.

Now burn that throne Drogon!

  1. Dany, the mad Queen?

I hated that scene. Really? How can Dany, the noble women who cared about freeing slaves in a moment of anger burn down a whole city.

But the thing is, ignore sentiments, human beings are unpredictable at their lowest. Dany suffered a lot and lost everyone close to her heart. It shouldn’t really surprise us that her ambition to get the iron throne made her a deranged woman who thought killing them all is an act of saving the world.

Also, it was foreshadowed from the beginning that her ambition for the Iron Throne was wild. Making her mad got many fans mad and that GOT got right!

Like Emilia Clarke, I too wanted to remember Dany as a woman who survived above everything to become an impressionable ruler.

“I wanted to show her as we saw her in the beginning: young, naïve, childlike, open, and full of love and hope. I wanted so much for that to be the last memory of her.” Emilia Clarke said about the portrayal of Dany as a mad Queen.

But the truth is her last conversation with Jon showed Dany isn’t a good fit on the throne. She felt no remorse and didn’t see a wrong in what she did. As a die hard fan of Dany, I’d rather see Dany die winning the throne than become a mad, deranged queen on it.

  1. Cinematography

This is a major part of movie! The whole plot would be wack without a high quality visual. The cinematography was great, GOT deserves another round of accolades for that.


The part Drogon was flying behind Dany and it almost looked like Dany grew majestic wings? That was so beautiful.

Sansa walking to her Throne with slow music matching every of step as people bowed for their new queen. How beautiful.

The cinematography is amazingly good.

The low point for me is Dany’s death, Jon is a sweet man and I just felt like him killing Dany will taint something in him. Oh poooor Jon. I wish Dany was killed by someone else.


Even though the show is ended, the finale will continue to cause arguments amongst fans who can’t agree if it was worth the wait or not.

Well, the season had some high points and low points and since no petition will make them rewrite the season finale, we had better embrace the high points.


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