Selfless Lady Saves Life of an Accident Victim Despite Being Told To Leave Him

A kind-hearted lady identified as Ennyy_jewel on Twitter saved the life of an accident victim in Lagos despite the nonchalance of other people around.

The lady narrated that she witnessed a hit and run yesterday, 14th of February, the victim is in his late 50s, every one gathered around but no one was ready to help, not even the Police van she stopped.

Eventually, she found a bus and they rushed him to the hospital where he was treated. She later shared an update that the man made it alive and can now speak.

She wrote on Twitter;

“5:45am today, 14th February 2020, at Marina, Lagos. A hit and run happened life before me. 

“The victim should be in his late 50’s (not sure) was knocked down by a bus. the driver stopped at first and was busy saying how it wasn’t his fault, within a twinkle of an eye he sped off.

“People only gathered, watching and screaming while the victim laid still on the road and was bleeding through his head. I stopped a Nigerian police van, the van had 3 occupants, they stopped, I told them the victim needs an emergency few minutes later they left without helping.

“The empty bus I finally found only agreed to go because I said I was going to “chatter”, but he later said there was no need to pay again when we got to the hospital. People were saying “this is Lagos, there’s no need, he is dead, etc”

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