Sen. Ali Ndume confident of becoming the next Senate Pres. says no one has told him not to run

– Sen. Ali Ndume has disclosed his confidence of becoming the Senate President of the 9th Assembly

– He disclosed that no one has told him not to run for the post and that he has the backing of his fellow Senators

As the leadership of the 8th National Assembly led by Sen. Bukola Saraki comes to an end, the race on who would become the next third powerful person in the country remain undecided.

In the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress APC, the duo of Sen. Ali Ndume and Sen. Ahmad Lawan are both interested in becoming the next Senate President.

Sen. Ali Ndume representing Borno south in a statement released on Monday in Lagos affirmed confidently that he would become the country’s next Senate president.

He added that no one has told him not to run and that he has the support of other Senators.

Sen. Ndume went ahead to explain that the leadership of the APC only recommended Sen. Ahmad Lawan as the preferred choice but has not imposed him on the Senators.

Below is a statement released by Senator Ali Ndume,

He said, “We have 109 senators and each of them have one vote. If you are contesting to be the Senate President, you have to reach out.  But at the beginning, I was cautious because I am a party man. So, when the party said ‘don’t go there,’ I did not.

“But the party came out again and said, ‘You can reach out to them now,’ so I reached out to them.

“So far, the response I am getting from my colleagues from the APC and other parties is very encouraging.  I am in this race to win; I am talking to everybody.  I have the telephone numbers of all the 109 senators-elect and I call them.

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“I have written the party, indicating my intention to contest. Even my national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, publicly said they only recommended Lawan and not that they are stopping anybody.

“As I speak with you, nobody has consulted me to say ‘don’t run for Senate President’.  Everybody has the constitutional right to do that.”

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