Sen. Ben Bruce says rejected Right of Return Bill by the Senate is now being followed by Ghana

– Sen. Ben Murray Bruce has called out the Nigerian Senate for rejecting his Right to Return bill

– He disclosed that African country, Ghana is already working on something similar to the bill

Senator Ben Murray Bruce in his latest statement has called out the Nigerian Senate for rejecting his Right to Return bill.

According to the Senator cum business, the Right to Return bill if signed in to law will allow educated diaspora blacks to get Nigerian Citizenship.

He disclosed that the background of these Black Diaspora will be checked for criminal activities before they are given Nigerian Citizenship.

The Senator disclosed that doing this will make Educated Diaspora blacks use their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the country.

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Sen. Ben Murray Bruce in his statement, however, disclosed that the Right to Return bill was rejected by the Nigerian Senate.

He further revealed that fellow African country, Ghana are already working in the direction of something similar to the Right of Return bill.

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce in his statement said, “Diaspora Jews are welcome to resettle in Israel. Why can’t we do the same in Nigeria and allow African American or Afro Caribbean return to motherland Nigeria? As long as they don’t have a criminal record, they will help our economy with their skills and assets.

We don’t have enough TEACHERS We don’t have enough DOCTORS We don’t have enough STEM professionals

Yet when I proposed a Right of Return Bill to allow educated Diaspora Blacks get Nigerian citizenship, the Nigeria Senate rejected it. Now Ghana is doing something similar to my bill.”

This is not the first time a bill proposed by the Ben Murray Bruce will be rejected, his bill on Electric Cars was equally rejected.

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