Sen. Ben Bruce – State of Residence should replace State of Origin

– Sen. Ben Murray Bruce said that State of Residence should replace the State of Origin

– This comes after some ethnic groups are asked to leave the state they help develop

– He also called for genuine change by providing solutions instead of pointing fingers over problems

Nigerian lawmaker representing South South state, Bayelsa and business mogul, Sen. Ben Murray Bruce in a recent statement have reacted to reports calling for some ethnic groups to leave a state they help developed.

Sen. Ben Bruce in his statement went ahead to cite, Nigerian richest man, Alh. Aliko Dangote, as a man, who has investments in almost every part of the country, he asked if Aliko Dangote will be told to go back to Kano despite the fact that his investment is being enjoyed in a state which is not his state of origin.

For this reason, Sen. Ben Murray Bruce said State of Residence should replace State of Origin.

The Senator in a statement via his Twitter handle wrote,
“Aliko Dangote has developed almost every part of Nigeria. You can’t benefit from his development and tell him to return to Kano. The idea of asking people of an ethnic group to leave any city they helped develop is why I believe state of residence should replace state of origin.”

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Senator Bruce also called for genuine change, he hinted that blaming is never the solution to a problem.

He wrote, “Even in peace, we are less able to meet our citizens’ needs than Syria, a nation at war. It calls for sober reflection. It calls for genuine change. It calls for a realisation that blaming can never be a solution to problems. Problems require solutions, not finger-pointing.”

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