Senate confirms Democracy Day shift from May 29 to June 12

– The Nigerian Senate has confirmed the shift of Democracy Day from May 29 to June 12

– This is in line with Pres. Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to shift Democracy Day to June 12

A new report has made it known that the Nigerian Senate has passed the bill that seek to shift the Democracy Day from May 29 to June 12.

A report made it known that the two chambers of the National Assembly have reached the decision to declare June 12 as the new democracy day.

This latest development is symbolic and is in line with President Buhari’s decision to shift the Democracy Day.

According to the reports, the bill contains three clauses, which amend the public holiday act.

And although, this decision is coming late it has, however, vindicated the growing number of Nigerians who have been clamouring for the actualization of June 12.

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The report made it known that May 29 will still be observed for this year as President Muhammadu Buhari inauguration for his second term in power will hold having won the 2019 Presidential election, reports, however, disclosed that it will be done on a low key while the major celebration will take place June 12.

A little into history showed that June 12, which is now exactly 25 years ago is a symbolic day in Nigeria, it is the period Nigerians went to the polls in the third republic of the country’s democratic dispensation to vote a president in which involved two major political parties, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the National Republican Convention (NRC).

However, the election was annulled even though the results already indicated that late Chief MKO Abiola won the election.

Following the annulment, Chief MKO Abiola was sent to prison.

The election is considered one of Nigeria’s freest and fairest election ever.


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