Senator: Mohammad Musa: No Government Will Tolerate Excess of Social Media Abuse


The lawmaker representing Niger East SEnatorial District, Mohammad Sani Musa, has said that no government will allow social media users to abuse the space,

Musa noted that he had been watching the way many Nigerians abused social media, even before he became a senator, adding that no government would tolerate such excesses.

The lawmaker further stated that the social media space had been so abused in Nigeria that it had become a tool other countries use to mock the country, adding that he been nursing the ambition of getting the government to regulate social media before he was elected into the National Assembly.

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Speaking at Paiko, headquarters of Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State, during the annual festival and reception of the Paigokni Development Association (PDA), the senator, who is the sponsor of the controversial bill, also called the “Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill,” said no government would allow its innocent citizen to be killed.

While noting that many social media activities have affected many Nigerians negatively, he also said it had even led to the death of some.

“While the constitution gives you the freedom of speech and freedom of association, that same constitution asks you to stay within your limit. The Bill is not about prosecuting people; it is about letting the right thing be done.

“I want to be criticised so that I will do better, but the criticism should be constructive. But if you insult me, I will not take it lightly.

“I had nursed the ambition of regulating social media before getting to the Senate. People are accusing us that it is the Federal Government that is sponsoring us to sponsor the Bill. But it is not. This is something I have had in mind for long. I have visited a lot of countries and seen that social media in the countries are regulated.

“The Bill will address a lot of issues. A lot of people misuse social media. They use it for their advantage. If you accuse your leaders of not working, point out what they need to do. That is constructive criticism. But when pictures are mismatched against leaders, that becomes dangerous; that is where this Bill comes to play,” Musa said.

The senator, therefore, urged Nigerians to support the lawmakers to enable the bill to see the light of the day.

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Speaking further on the bill, he explained that the area of the death penalty would not be approved, stressing that the support of the people is very important for the bill to come to be passed.


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