Sex Toy Shop Assault: See Reactions on Remi Tinubu, Elisha Abbo Altercation

  • Abbo says he can’t be threatened with suspension.
  • Remi Tinubu explained the reason for the panel.

The altercation that took place between the lawmaker representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, Elisha Abbo and the lawmaker representing Lagos Central senatorial district, Remi Tinubu over the power of the committee to hear his side of the story on the assault case involving the embattled lawmaker and a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja.

The lawmaker has been condemned by many for his action, where he was filmed slapping a nursing mother repeatedly.

He has apologised for his action and has been released on bail by a Zuba Magistrate Court over the incident.

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At the hearing of the panel, Abbo refused to comment on the situation stating that the matter is already in the court.

This drew the ire of the Lagos lawmaker who said he could be suspended for not telling his side of the story and it is a matter that affects all of them as a senator.

See the video and reactions fro the social media below.

Desiderata: I’m not making a case for him.
I’m only saying Remi Tinubu should not be on a panel reviewing assault owing to her precedent.

Ezreal: Remi Tinubu was to harsh on him for christsake why would you tell your colleague to off his mic because you want to spill rubbish.

Alex Oghundadegbe: This Senator is in deep trouble. Remi Tinubu will not take nonsense

John Danfulani: Sen.Remi Tinubu shelled at Sen.Elisha Abbo,& he returned same in kind. The junior senator seems to be a fanatical fan of Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Mama Tinubu now knows that he isnt trigger shy or a flatfooter.

Dewale Isaac: RemiTinubu small woman with Big god… If u know, u know.

This Abbo of a guy is just too rude for my liking, am not happy he is still sitting on the other side like Remi Tinubu said

Let’s be guided pls?.

The Young Prince: There are two senators involved in a slap scandal:
One slapped a nursing mother
The other slapped the whole nation.

One is threatened by Remi Tinubu &co with suspension.
The other was promoted To DeputySenate Pres.?

That’s what she meant by “do you want us to defend you?”?

Willie: I understanding this man is arrogant. But what was Remi Tinubu trying to get at when she said with age. What does age have that do with anything.

Henry: Yes because she is a lady. How will she use such words that they can suspend him? Is Remi Tinubu a saint? She has her own skeleton and let those who live in a glass house learn not to throw stones.

Roselle: Wait!! Didn’t Remi Tinubu also slap someone sometime back? She’s got no moral right to be in that disciplinary committee

Tobias: This is a DISCIPLINARY HEARING not some chit chat. Remi Tinubu hasn’t said much as a part/leader of the committee because the conversation isn’t supposed to be a Senator to Senator kinda thing rather a Senator to a Woman beater.

Adetemidayo Samuel Osijo: A disciplinary committee is expected to objectively determine whether a person subject to such a committee has erred. It is inappropriate to adopt a tone that is accusatorial. Simply put, Remi Tinubu was wrong. She was already going about how she’s also a woman.

IFEANYI AWAH: For those who have seen the Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo video, are you not worried that she said they can protect him?

Ronald: “Do you want us to protect you?”

“Do you want us to defend you?”

Nigerians really think this piece of wasted national resources called Remi Tinubu is fighting for justice or women’s rights?

Ya’ll too gullible AF.??‍♂️

Hamymie: Alot of people didnt even watch half of the video or try to understand what happened and why she got like that before making it seem like Remi Tinubu just woke up to set up the panel

YOUR LAPTOP PLUG: I saw this video and I wanted to praise remi tinubu but I realised its just a case of Elisha abbo sinning differently.

ASÍWÁJÚ: This Remi Tinubu vs Elisha Abbo thing has now been politicised. That’s exactly the problem with Nigeria. Everything turns into a political fight. Gladiators pick their swords and pledge allegiance to their political hosts forgetting their allegiance should be to Nigeria.

James Alabi: I think what Mrs Remi Tinubu did was akin to the laughable ‘civilizing mission’ executed by the European missionaries and their intellectual powers.The paternalist-infantilist friction between two beneficiaries of a politically and morally failed state, one an established icon of a dictatorial dynasty, the other a deserved victim of self-inflicted moral ineptitude and a beneficiary of a concupiscence.

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