Shocking! Cheating wife gets stuck inside lover during illicit affair [VIDEO]

This is a video clip showing moment a married South African woman was caught in the act, cheating with another man.

According to the video posted on twitter by someone identified as Man’s Not Barry Roux on twitter, the woman was caught by South African black magic called ‘muthi’ (charm)

South Africa Muthi
The Cheating lovers stuck together

In the video, the married woman was obviously in pain as she was heard screaming out loud.

It was also clear from the video that the man she had the affair with could not pull out his manhood from the inside of her as it was stuck in there.

South African Muthi
The sangoma (herbalist) that prepared the charm

The People who gathered in the room also made frantic efforts to cover their nakedness as they were both twirling and wriggling in pains.

The video was captioned:

“A cheating wife was locked by muthi and the man who slept with her got stuck inside. Now both are stuck & the sangoma is failing to unlock them.”

Watch the video below:

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