Skinny Girl in Transit Funny TV Series


Most of the time, I find it funny how some individuals sweep personal resolutions under the carpet as time passes by; maybe it is a difficult process to follow, who knows? Well in this series, “Skinny girl in Transit” the lifestyle of a young lady is forced to change dramatically as she is emotionally blackmailed by her mother and siblings. It’s surprising to know that despite the absence of top-notch actors in this soap opera, it had positive reviews from a vast number of people.

The Storyline of Skinny Girl in Transit 

It narrates the story of Tiwalade, a young Nigerian lady and her effort to lose weight. Well, taking up the challenge never came easily as she is forced to realize that shedding some weight was way strenuous than she ever imagined.

The cast of Skinny Girl in Transit 

Abimbola Craig, Ngozi Nwosu, Sharon Ooja, and Chioma Okoli. Also, it was created by Temilola Akinmuda.

Where to Watch Skinny Girl in Transit 

Visit to watch this series.

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