Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) Review

Skinny girl in transit is a Nigerian comedy web series that focuses on the life of a young, chubby lady, her quest to lose weight, her interesting family and her failed relationships. The lead character, Tiwalade Awosika (played by Abimbola Craig) is an On-air personality (OAP) who is being pressured by an overzealous mother(Ngozi Nwosu) and taunted by her younger sister( Sharon Ooja).

Mama Tiwa played the role of a typical Nigerian mother perfectly. You don’t want to see the last of it. Tiwa’s weight loss journey seems to be more difficult than she had imagined. Her sister never cease to taunt her about her weight. She has both her mum and sister to deal with. As if that isn’t enough, she has relationship issues.

One would presume the main character will be a slim lady. Skinny girl in transit went out of the norm by adopting a fat and imperfect persona.

Season 1


In the first episode of season 1, Tiwa is woken up by her loud, overbearing but sweet mother who reminds her of the need to get married. Mama Tiwa’s character is so relatable and funny. She depicts the character of a Nigerian mum who will go any length and use all the tricks (crying, ministration of the Holy Spirit and Woli’s vision) in her book to get her daughter married. Tiwa’s sister, Shalewa isn’t left out as she shares parts of the insults. Tiwa’s mum plays the hilarious Yoruba mother quite well. In the course of her weight loss regimen, she meets Femi (played by Kenneth Okolie) while jogging on the third mainland bridge. Femi eventually asks her out but Tiwa isn’t yielding. She finally agrees after Femi comes to her rescue during a blind date. Unfortunately, Femi is friends with her ex, Kola and this leads to conflict between them. The season ends with Kola coming back to Tiwa for a second chance while Femi stood with a deadly glare on his face.

Season 2

Tiwa Didi Mide Hadiza

The new season begins with the introduction of a new cast, Mide (played by Ayoola Ayolola). Tiwa and Mide bumps into each other at the gym and a heated argument ensued between them. Coincidentally, Mide is Tiwa’s boss and the disdain for each other gets heightened. They became good friends right after Femi called it off with Tiwa. We are introduced to new characters, Didi (Bisola Aiyeola) and Hadiza (Ini-dinma Okojie) who never fails to shows their dislike for each other. Mide’s ex-fiance, Nadine (Uzor Osimkpa) comes into town and tension builds up between Mide and Tiwa. He tells Tiwa he is over Nadine and in turn asks her out. She’s first indecisive about the date but after a radio session about giving love a second chance, she decides she wants to date Mide and runs to his office only to see him kissing Nadine. She leaves disappointed and heartbroken.

Season 3

Mama Tiwa

In the third season, a new face surfaces, Nathan, an old schoolmate of Tiwa’s who just got back from the states. Tiwa keeps a safe distance from Mide and initiates a make-believe that she’s with Nathan. Mide refuses to relent in his love pursuit. At the end of the season, we see both of them (Tiwa and Mide) express their love for each other and kiss. Also, Fabrice is introduced in this season. The fine, young Ivorian man had a one night stand with Tiwa when she travelled to Abuja on an official work. This character is definitely going to cause friction between Mide and Tiwa. This is seen in successive episodes and season.

Season 4


We see changes in this season. Let’s call it season of changes. Wosilat (played by Chioma Okoli) gave us some comedic moments: from waiting up with Mama Tiwa to see if Mide had proposed yet in episode 1, to her pouring down the sink, Tiwa’s blended drink. Papa Tiwa was changed. Norbert Young is replaced by Jude Chukwuka. This will need some getting used to. We’re so used to the previous character. Our lead character, Tiwa did transit. Our girl did shed some weight. The third mainland bridge jogs wasn’t in vain. It’s great watching her transition in each season. Tiwa is indeed walking the talk. The real drama began in episode 4. We finally get to meet Didi’s hot boyfriend. Before now, Didi talked our ears off with her boyfriend – Obinna. Thank goodness! We finally put a face to the name.  And was Mide just being overprotective or just overpossessive? We think, he’s just exhibiting the boyfriend goals. Mide and Tiwa will have you catching feelings right, left and center.
You remember our night stand guy in season 3? He has refused to stay back in the past. He’s here to rock the boat and he did that quite well. Our relationship, Lol, Yes!!! Tiwa and Mide’s relationship is our relationship. It almost hit the rocks but love prevails over all.
We thought we’ve seen the end of Hadiza. A new witch is on board, Mide’s little sister, Derin. She never cease to get on our nerves. Always up in Tiwa’s face. Always messing with our favourite. Derin and Fabrice are just perfect match for each. Though they’ve dated once, we thought there was going to be a reunion. You know that scene where she refers to Tiwa as a “little too plus”, we felt like reaching into the screen to give her a good slap. The little annoying witch!!! In between all the dramas, our couple finds time to make up.

Season 5

Mide Tiwa

We call season 5 the season of Mores. More drama, more character development, more conflicts, more scenes and definitely more screentime compared to the previous episodes and season. There’s also an increase in cast. We saw guest appearances by Sophie Alakija (Mohammed’s betrothed), Daniel Etim Effiong (Mide’s friend) Nick Mutima (Chris) and ‘Deyemi Okanlawon (Counselor). We feel Daniel’s characterization wasn’t well formed. He probably appeared in only few scenes. One would have thought he would be one of the groom’s men on the wedding day? Chris surfaces as a new employee from kenya who trusts to help Mide with his new TV station. He and Derin (Mide’s sister) are always at loggerheads. Their case is that of sworn enemies becoming buddies. From the moment Chris showed up to the incessant fights, we knew Chris was going to end up as Derin’s love interest. Their love journey seems a bit rushed. From previous seasons, we saw Shalewa being involved with Mohammed (a Muslim). In this season, Farida (Mohammed’s betrothed) shows up to get her man. Here, we saw squabbles and drama unfolds between the duo (Mohammed and Shalewa).
Our lovely couple saw more drama this season. Theresa (Mide’s ex) shows up claiming to have a son for Mide.

This leads to a stormy relationship between our favourite couple. We think the counseling sessions also heightened the tension between them. Or is it just our imagination?
Amidst the whole baby mama saga, the couple still had their happily ever after. The wedding was a joy to behold. It was so surreal. We kept blushing through the episode. Lest we forget, Derin is no longer a villain. So now that Mide and Tiwa are married, Derin have turned a new leaf and Mo and Shalewa have made up? What does Season 6 have in store for us?

Season 6

Skinny girl in transit

We see Mide and Tiwa living as husband and wife, exploring the intricacies of their new lives. The season 6 centres more on Didi, Shalewa and Mohammed. We follow Tiwa through her pregnancy and mood swings. After several man-hunting episodes, Didi decides to settle for just one man, Editi. It’s indeed a life-changing moment for Didi.   Chris was missing in action as he didn’t feature in this season. Shalewa got involved in an abusive relationship. What was she thinking? It’s no news. She’s always had bad choices of men. Tiwa battles depression as she lost her first pregnancy. It all seem gloomy at first but like they say there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Tiwa gets her groove back. She overcomes her depression through the help of Mide. We got pregnant. Didi gets engaged. Mama Tiwa starts her new YouTube channel and Shalewa develops courage to end her situationship with Kwame. There’s a glimpse of hope for Shalewa and Mohammed.

What better way to end the season? Thanks for reliving the moments with us. What’s your favourite episode, season or moment?

Do share with us.

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