Skull Breaker Challenge: Doctors Warn It Could Kill, Many Get Injured

The viral TikTok Skull Breaker Challenge has left many children injured and doctors have revealed that the challenge can have deadly consequences.

The challenge which started off TikTok involves two people pranking a third person into jumping into the air and then kicking their feet out from under them causing them to fall.

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A US student, Kathleen DeJesus, 13, was a participant in the challenge and had to stay in hospital for two days as she suffered a severe concussion. Another student also suffered a concussion and couldn’t remember anything about what happened when he woke up.

Apart from those two, many other students also suffered injuries and doctors have now warned that the TikTok trend can come with long lasting and deadly consequences.

Injuries could be a severe concussion, a skull fracture, a wrist fracture, a neck fracture which could lead to paralysis, internal bleeding or brain bleeding which could lead to death.

This isn’t the first time doctors would warn about a TikTok challenge. They once warned about the #PassingOutChallenge where people would roll their heads back and forward repeatedly to make themselves faint. Thousands of people participated and many complained of severe headache afterwards.

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