Social Media Bill: A Lot Are Just Crying Foul Without Seeing Content of The Bill – Senator Sani Musa

 The lawmaker representing Niger East Senatorial district, Sani Musa has said that a lot of people are just crying foul without even seeing the content of the Social Media Bill.

He stated this when he featured as a guest on Politics Today, a programme produced by Channels TV monitored by iDONSABI.

“A lot of people have bot even seen the legislation. You have not even seen the bill. I think they should have seen the bill before commenting. Most of them have not seen the bill.

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“The activists are all crying foul on something they have not even read. You need to see it. The communication companies that provide these services; this bill touch on them. There are certain things that they should guide themselves by doing.

“For example, if someone lodge a complain about something, and he went to court, and he was able to have a court order to stop them from disseminating that information and they still go-ahead to do it, my bill provides a position for that gentleman to go court and still seek for redress,” he explained.

What’s the Bill about?

According to Musa, the bill was proposed to form an Act that will make provisions for the Protection from internet falsehood and manipulations. It passed the second reading on the floor of the Senate yesterday.

Senate President Ahmed Lawan has, therefore, refer the Bill to the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters. He added that they must report back to the house within four (4) weeks.

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Another bill that is in this controversial circumstance is the Hate Speech Bill propose by Senator Sabi Abdullahi. The Bill recommends death by hanging for whoever is convicted by the court on the offence of hate speech.

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