Some Foreign Monopolists Behind Allen Onyema’s Trial – Dr. Chris Ekiyor

Former President of the Ijaw Youths Council ( IYC ), Dr. Chris Ekiyor, has alleged that there was a powerful foreign conspiracy against the Chairman of Air Peace, Allen Onyema.

He, therefore, pleads that the Federal Government protect him.

Ekiyor, in a phone interview with Vanguard opined that some powerful foreign monopolists, who feel threatened by his meteoric rise in the aviation industry, are behind his current trials.”

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According to him, they felt that if he is not stopped with the way he is going, he may eventually give them a run for their flight into Nigeria under the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA).

“But there is no stopping him as his hands are clean. He is a cool-headed researcher, who invests only after test running. Allen has never failed in any venture. He is our brother, pride and mentor. The Federal Government must protect him. The conspiracy against Air Peace is a conspiracy against Nigerian businesses everywhere.”

While noting that no one can open a bank account in America as an alien since with no social security number, he said the available option is to open a business account to get a tax identity number.

“Most foreign businesses do that, and that may be the reason why Allen registered his aviation company in America to secure his liquidity. There are hazards transferring huge sums through someone else’s account. People had paid money into the accounts of investments firms only to lose their deposits. America will always protect America’s interests over foreigners in any dispute.

“Therefore, it was safer for Allen to open his own company in America and from there pay a third party to supply him the aircraft he needed. His was good thinking.

“I do not know what the United States law says in this kind of arrangement. Perhaps, the US is in a better position to tell us where and how Allen violated their banking system. However, where goodwill exists, they should not blow it out of proportion like what we are seeing now with Allen.

He also stated that the airline CEO has been maliciously blanketed as a money launderer but declared that those monies were not American.

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“Those monies were not missing Nigerian monies in any office. Those monies were not from dubious Yahoo business. Those monies were monies earned legitimately by a hardworking businessperson.

“Anyone thinking that Allen Onyema would deliberately endanger his reputation by doing something stupid does not really know him,” he added.

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